We are open for business. The health, safety and well-being of our customers is our top priority during this time.

Water leaks can affect every individual and each industry. From private houses to restaurants and hospitals — where they can truly endanger lives — water leaks are always potentially disastrous.

Water leaks have to be recognized and stopped as soon as they occur

Water emergencies due to a burst water lines, appliance failure, severe storm or sump pump malfunction can be disruptive and scary. Often, they occur without notice and must be controlled immediately!

Flooding is one of the most common emergencies we have to deal with. Leaky pipes or roofs, sewer back-ups, and plumbing overflow can all lead not only to property damage but cause undue hardship and stress. Our trained technicians respond quickly to mitigate damage, clean up the mess, and restore your home or business to normal.

Be prepared for water damage emergencies:

Most water disasters can’t be predicted, but if you reside in an area prone to natural disasters or have experienced water damage in the past, there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself:

Upon the survey completion, an industry professional from City’s Cross-Control Program Department will recommend a backflow prevention device for further installation. This guarantees your property

  • Monitor spots that where flooded before.
  • Keep our phone number saved to your cell phone or post it near areas where water damage could occur.
  • Regularly inspect pipes, water shutoffs, appliance connections and hoses for signs of wear and potential leaks better with a help of professional plumber. As an option you can sign a Plumbing Service Agreement with us and we will perform this check-up during a Plumbing Inspection at your property once a year free of charge.
  • Install flood alarms for early detection in areas prone to water damage.
  • Call our Emergency Service number provided in your Plumbing Service Agreement 24/365 for professional water damage restoration and to prevent further flood damage.

Our response times are lighting quickly, we offer reasonable pricing and we can also assist you with every step and required documentation for your insurance claim.

Water damage accounts for the most insurance claims in Canada because water leaks usually aren’t found till it’s too late.

Water damage claims are quite 60% of all insurance claims in Canada, totaling between $4 billion and $6 billion —double what they were in 2015 and triple what they were for high-rise buildings since 2013. And to present day the most common way a leak is detected is when someone sees it — often when it’s already done immense damage.

When you face a water disaster, call us, trained and reliable experts. We respond quickly to reduce damage, clean up the mess, and restore your property to normal condition. Water and sewage must be extracted, and the affected areas professionally cleaned, ventilated, dried and disinfected as quickly as possible to diminish bacteria, mold and other harmful microorganism growth, which can cause additional damage to the property and potential health risks for your family or employees.

Steps to take as soon as you detect flood damage:

  • Stay calm so your thinking remains clear.
  • Call Atre Drain and Plumbing at 647-977-9662.
  • While waiting for our technician to reach your place please close the water main or shut off any water source so flooding stops.
  • Shut down the electrical breaker in damaged areas before unplugging or removing any electrical devices from the wet carpet or submerged areas.
  • Put foil under legs or feet of any furniture in contact with wet carpet or water to prevent permanent staining.
  • Lift any curtains or draperies away from wet carpet or water.
  • Lift and tack up any upholstered furniture skirts.
  • Remove books, papers, fabrics, shoes, potted plants or other items that are able to stain wet carpet.

Avoid doing these things:

  • Use your home vacuum – electrical shock can result, as well as damage to the equipment.
  • Place newspaper in traffic areas to walk on – newspaper ink transfers easily to wet carpet fibers which results in permanent staining.
  • Walk on carpet any more than necessary – this keeps damage from spreading to unaffected areas.
Call Atre Drain and Plumbing for professional water damage restoration you can trust and to prevent further water damage.

Questions and answers

You can contact any of these 2 branches. There is 1 major phone number for all 4 branches actually. Just give your address and contact information to the operator and he/she will send it to our first available Plumber close to your location. Please wait for our plumbing technician’s call back and you will be able to discuss everything and book an appointment if needed directly with him.

In most cases we have to see what the situation is in your home / business facility before we can provide a quote. Plumbing systems can be very different in different homes / buildings and customer’s description is not enough to provide with accurate quote.

But the good news is that we don’t have hourly rates – we give you a complete price quote (parts and labour included) for you to approve BEFORE any work begins.

Sometimes we can give you a few options – for example, we may be able to either repair something or replace it for you. In situations like this we give you the price for each option, and explain the pros and cons for each one so you can make a fully informed decision.

We understand that schedules change, and we try to be as flexible as possible. If you can, please give us 24 hours’ notice when cancelling.

We are definitely open to rescheduling your appointment, but we cannot do so in a way that would “bump” other customers. Please understand that if you cancel, you might not be able to get another appointment the same day. But we will fit you in as soon as we can.

Unfortunately we will not. Our Local Plumbers are highly qualified licensed professionals and it doesn’t make sense for you to pay a Master Plumber to fix drywall. You can save a lot of money by hiring one of our trusted contractors or your handyman (or by doing it yourself if you’re handy).

No, it is NOT! Please turn off the water on the supply line for the faucet under the sink. If you don’t have a valve under your sink please turn off the main shut off valve before water meter. Contact us first thing in the morning or fill up the contacts form on this site right now. If you had to turn off the main valve just mention it and we will try to fit your appointment in our schedule the same day we received your request.

The main water shut off valve is located by the water meter; this is normally located on the wall nearest the road in the basement.

Drain system flushes waste through a series of pipes which eventually connect to a sewer or septic system. There are vents that allow air into the drainpipes, so no vacuum restricts water flow.

If a blockage happens in any of the drain systems, including vents, there are going to be issues.

Blockages aren’t only caused by what goes into the drain that shouldn’t (such as grease, food matter, wipes, feminine products, etc.) – but can also be caused by external interferences. Some common external issues are tree roots, bellied pipes, and even birds’ nests.

We often take our drainage systems for granted, and sometimes we mistreat them.

If you often experience drain issues, book an appointment with our Local Plumber for drain cleaning services and drain camera inspection. We can inspect your drain system from the interior of the pipes, so we can locate the exact cause of the problem and offer you a solution that will keep you out of drain issues for a long time.

It is free of charge if Camera Inspection is a part of Main Drain Snaking / Sewer Cleaning / Drain Replacement works performed by one of ours technicians.

If Camera Drain Inspection is required a separate visit of our Plumber there is a charge depends on the time spent for the inspection.

Stinky drains usually indicate that there’s something in your drains producing a nasty smell. This can be food, grease, gunk, or anything else that went down the drain and made a home there.

What gets caught in a drain can make a home for all sorts of organisms which can add to the smell.

Our recommendation is a good old fashioned drain cleaning. We would recommend having a professional do the job, as the professionals have equipment that enables them to clean your drains without damaging them.

Contact us today to book an appointment for the drain cleaning before it turned out to more serious problems than a nasty smell.


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