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Hydronic Heating is an innovative approach and supplies the building with varieties of heat emitters, heat ancillary, domestic hot water, assist in indoor swimming pool heating and help to heat the Driveway, garage or radiant floors. Hydronic heating works the same way nature does by natural convection and radiation.

In nature, heat radiates from the sun and warms the objects that it shines upon. We all know that great feeling on a cold winter day when the sun is shining in through a window and the floor is nice and warm. If you have pets, you know this to be true as they always sleep on the warm floor where the sun is shining.

What are the advantages of Hydronic Heating?

Hydronic radiant heating systems are the most effective and natural methods of heating for your home or business

The clean and silent system is incredibly reliable and consists of a boiler, a pump, manifold, and thermostats that are connected with composite plastic piping which is embedded in beneath your surface and connect baseboards, radiators and towel-warmers. The energy produced from heat transfer fluid (glycol or water) in the pipes then radiates through the surrounding environment, warming floors, furniture and every object in the room, including yourself producing the same feeling of a warm sun drenched room.

Additionally, hydronic systems and radiant heat systems are incredibly energy efficient. They consume much less energy than traditional forced air systems.

Why Should I Choose Radiant Heating?

Thermal Comfort: Unlike traditional forced air systems that only heat the air, radiant floor heating warms the surfaces of objects in the room, just like warm natural sunlight creating a warm and cozy comfortable space.

Clean To Operate: Most homeowners know that their biggest complaint about forced air heating is they always distribute dust, odors and germs throughout a house, especially in the fall when you turn them on for the first time in many months. That never occurs with hydronic radiant heating because the radiant flooring heating creates smooth, gradual room air circulation with no airborne pathogens, which isa huge benefit for people who suffer from allergies.

Reduces Energy Costs: We are always pushing ourselves to reduce our carbon footprint and live a greener life. We want to live on a clean planet, and we also enjoy the benefits of going green from a financial standpoint. Hydronic heating systems save thousands on your energy costs. Radiant floor heating systems that channel hot liquid only use a fraction of the energy compared to forced air furnaces and are much more efficient in their operation.

Clean Lines: Radiant flooring isn’t vented into your rooms,and it doesn't require large ducts or even radiators. This allows for more flexibility when designing and decorating your home because it is virtually invisible. The system itself takes up a fraction of the space compared to a forced air furnace and is usually mounted on the wall and in floor to reduce the space it occupies.

Whisper Quiet: Unlike a traditional forced air system, hydronic radiant heating systems deliver heat without the constant droning noise. The gas burner on the boiler is usually the only component that creates any sound, and it is usually located in the boiler room away from the occupied spaces.

Atre Drain and Plumbing offers Hydronic Heating Services:

In-floor and Driveway heating Installation. Build a hydronic tubing system embedded in concrete or gypcrete slab. Design differently heating zone in buildings.

Boiler installation / replacement / repair. Building of mechanical room heating distribution system supplied heated zones elements (in-floor zones, driveway slab, radiators, baseboards, towel warmers etc.)

Service of Boiler room. Maintenance and repair of existing hydronic heating system. Replacement and installation of cast-iron radiators.

To learn more about our hydronic radiant heating service options, we invite you to contact us your Local Hydronic Experts at 647-977-9662 and discuss your many options.

Questions and answers

You can contact any of these 2 branches. There is 1 major phone number for all 4 branches actually. Just give your address and contact information to the operator and he/she will send it to our first available Plumber close to your location. Please wait for our plumbing technician’s call back and you will be able to discuss everything and book an appointment if needed directly with him.

In most cases we have to see what the situation is in your home / business facility before we can provide a quote. Plumbing systems can be very different in different homes / buildings and customer’s description is not enough to provide with accurate quote.

But the good news is that we don’t have hourly rates – we give you a complete price quote (parts and labour included) for you to approve BEFORE any work begins.

Sometimes we can give you a few options – for example, we may be able to either repair something or replace it for you. In situations like this we give you the price for each option, and explain the pros and cons for each one so you can make a fully informed decision.

We understand that schedules change, and we try to be as flexible as possible. If you can, please give us 24 hours’ notice when cancelling.

We are definitely open to rescheduling your appointment, but we cannot do so in a way that would “bump” other customers. Please understand that if you cancel, you might not be able to get another appointment the same day. But we will fit you in as soon as we can.

Unfortunately we will not. Our Local Plumbers are highly qualified licensed professionals and it doesn’t make sense for you to pay a Master Plumber to fix drywall. You can save a lot of money by hiring one of our trusted contractors or your handyman (or by doing it yourself if you’re handy).

No, it is NOT! Please turn off the water on the supply line for the faucet under the sink. If you don’t have a valve under your sink please turn off the main shut off valve before water meter. Contact us first thing in the morning or fill up the contacts form on this site right now. If you had to turn off the main valve just mention it and we will try to fit your appointment in our schedule the same day we received your request.

The main water shut off valve is located by the water meter; this is normally located on the wall nearest the road in the basement.

Drain system flushes waste through a series of pipes which eventually connect to a sewer or septic system. There are vents that allow air into the drainpipes, so no vacuum restricts water flow.

If a blockage happens in any of the drain systems, including vents, there are going to be issues.

Blockages aren’t only caused by what goes into the drain that shouldn’t (such as grease, food matter, wipes, feminine products, etc.) – but can also be caused by external interferences. Some common external issues are tree roots, bellied pipes, and even birds’ nests.

We often take our drainage systems for granted, and sometimes we mistreat them.

If you often experience drain issues, book an appointment with our Local Plumber for drain cleaning services and drain camera inspection. We can inspect your drain system from the interior of the pipes, so we can locate the exact cause of the problem and offer you a solution that will keep you out of drain issues for a long time.

It is free of charge if Camera Inspection is a part of Main Drain Snaking / Sewer Cleaning / Drain Replacement works performed by one of ours technicians.

If Camera Drain Inspection is required a separate visit of our Plumber there is a charge depends on the time spent for the inspection.

Stinky drains usually indicate that there’s something in your drains producing a nasty smell. This can be food, grease, gunk, or anything else that went down the drain and made a home there.

What gets caught in a drain can make a home for all sorts of organisms which can add to the smell.

Our recommendation is a good old fashioned drain cleaning. We would recommend having a professional do the job, as the professionals have equipment that enables them to clean your drains without damaging them.

Contact us today to book an appointment for the drain cleaning before it turned out to more serious problems than a nasty smell.


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