Cross-Connection Survey

Cross-Connection Survey cover

Did you receive a Cross-Connection Survey Letter?

The government of Ontario has stated that the Cross-Connection Survey is mandatory for all the commercial, industrial and municipal facilities across the GTA. Atre Drain and Plumbing is authorized by the Municipalities of the Peel Region, Toronto, Halton, Markham and other regions in Ontario to submit a Cross-Connection Survey on behalf of our customers. We help your company located in Toronto, Vaughn, Markham, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Milton or Hamilton. We have all the necessary certificates, tools and experience to complete your Cross-Connection Survey without causing interruptions to your business.

What is a Cross-Connection Survey? Let us see.

The cross-connection survey is an investigation of the drinking water system with a purpose of determining the presence or absence of any existing or potential drinking water contamination, known as backflow. Upon the survey completion, an industry professional from City’s Cross-Control Program Department will recommend a backflow prevention device for further installation. This guarantees your property will help maintain the security of the Municipal drinking water.

Where should you begin? Let us help.

Atre Drain & Plumbing is a qualified business that will gladly assist you on every step of the Cross-Connection Survey. Furthermore, we will prepare and then submit your Cross-Connection Survey electronically in order to save your time and will actively communicate with the municipal organization on every step of the application process. Subsequently, the city will forward you a request letter with the assigned equipment which you will have to implement and we will install all the necessary backflow prevention devices.

Why choose Atre Drain & Plumbing?

  • We are OWWA Certified dedicated licensed specialists with an expert knowledge,. We tailor and submit your Cross-Connection Survey on your behalf and install quality “backflow” prevention devices.

  • We have many years of superior quality service and relevant experience in installing Backflow prevention devices and up-to-date knowledge of the submitting process for the Cross-Connection Survey application in every region within Ontario province.

What else can we do for you?

  • We provide and install backflow prevention devices to secure water from flowing in the opposite direction from privately-owned plumbing systems in the municipal water supply.

  • On your behalf, we help you open your city permit for a backflow prevention device installation with support by a licensed engineer.

  • We offer convenient 24/7 service, answering any questions and offer a personalized high-quality customer service.

  • We provide initial and annual backflow prevention devices tests and repairs.

  • We use up-to-date calibrated “backflow device preventer kit” that guarantees your plumbing system’s use is completely safe.

  • We save you time by taking a lead making necessary contact calls communicating with all the parties involved.

Do you require other services? Here is the full list of how we do.

1.     Emergency commercial plumbing repairs:

  • We open clogged drain, main drain;

  • we offer washroom service (we fix clogged sinks, toilets, urinal unblocking);

  • we do drain/sewer cleaning;

  • we do pipe water jetting;

  • we offer Drain Camera inspection/ drain location.

2.     Backflow services:

  • We offer a full Cross-Connection Survey.

  • We examine boilers, hose bibs, fire sprinkler systems, photo developing equipment, irrigation sprinkler systems and swimming pools.

  • We eliminate the possibility of chemicals, bacteria and other contaminants to enter pollute your drinking water.

  • We prepare a cost-efficient backflow installation plan and obtain relevant permits from the Municipality.

  • We do backflow device installation.

  • We curate backflow device annual testing and repairs.

  • We provide your business with safe drinking water at all times.

  • We offer reasonable prices for superior work quality.

3.     General Services:

  • We fix leaks; do plumbing replacements, installations and connections.

  • We offer annual plumbing inspection.

  • We do Hydro jetting.

  • We provide stamped drawings/plumbing permits.

4.     Hydronic Heating for commercial properties:

  • We deliver boiler room services, pump services, including pump replacements.

  • We assist and support you through the entire process.

  • We do hydro heating installations.

5.     Plumbing inspection:

We conduct regular plumbing inspections, diagnose for potential issues, make educated recommendations on appropriate solutions, save your time by autonomously administering our services while allowing you to have an undivided focus attention on operating your business.

6.     Stamped drawings and plumbing permits:

Our experts assist you with obtaining stamped drawings and plumbing permits, which you will require should you engage in constructing a new commercial property or renovating an existing one. We handle of the paper work required by the Municipal officials and local authorities.

Other services