Rough-in & Finishing Plumbing

When you are preparing to build or renovate a bathroom, there are certain standards that must be met when you perform rough-in plumbing.

Rough in plumbing is all plumbing done before close in. This means all plumbing installation is completed to past inspection. We do installation of water / waste / vent and under ground piping prior to the walls closed and the finish plumbing is when fixtures are set and tested.

​Sewer and Drain Repair

If you are seeing water and dirt overflowing from your toilet, then you should know that it is time to contact a sewer repair specialist. Aside from the fact that a flooded toilet is not a good sight to see, it is also not very hygienic since it can make disease causing bacteria to grow in surrounding areas.

We do sewer and drain repair and actually renew old, damaged pipes. A new pipe completely fills the old one – with absolutely no seams or joints. There are no gaps anywhere around the new pipe, leaving no chance for tree root penetration or future damage.

Drain cleaning / Snaking

Is your drain clogged and sputtering out bits of water when you turn the tap on? Is the drip drop sound keeping you up at night and starting to drive you insane? Our service aims to successfully flush out your drain, completely ridding it of odours, hair, dirt, sentiment build up, and much more.

At Atre Drain and Plumbing, we use a variety of different tools and techniques to unclog your drain. We usually snake the drain or use high pressure water jetting to clean the pipeline, or in extreme cases replace the drain. For efficient and quick results, we use a “drain snake” which is a tool used to clean and unclog drains. They are effective because they are long and bendable, and can flex around corners, if necessary, without causing any damage to the pipes.

BackFlow Prevention

The Owner responsibility hiring a person with the right qualifications to conduct backflow services on his property. Hiring a certified professional is mandatory
and ensures the work is completed correctly.

Qualified Person is OWWA Certified Cross-Connection Control Specialist and registered as a Qualified Person with a wide range of backflow programs and by-laws across Ontario.

As required in the province of Ontario, our backflow testers, installers and surveyors are certified by the Ontario Water Works Association in Cross-Connection Control/Backflow Prevention.

Atre Drain and Plumbing has acquired the necessary licences required to conduct work in numerous cities across Ontario.

Our authorized testers, installers and surveyors are registered with most municipality across Ontario as required.

Atre Drain and Plumbing has over 11 years experience in commercial, industrial and high-rise plumbing industries.

Commercial Plumbing Services​

Nothing can be more costly for a business than having to deal with plumbing issues. Atre Drain and Plumbing provides affordable commercial plumbing services to area businesses. Detecting plumbing problems is often more difficult in commercial buildings, and our experts know how to help you. Whether you need to have some pipes repaired, need installation service, or a routine site inspection, our goal is to provide quality service and keep your business running the way that it should be.

We can repair or update your current system, or if necessary replace it. We will make sure that your building is fully compliant with the latest plumbing codes and standards. Atre Drain and Plumbing is familiar with all plumbing rules and regulations needed for compliance.

​Industrial Plumbing Services

Proper plumbing is important in any business, but especially in industrial operation. It is very important to the operation of a plant that its industrial plumbing service is running correctly at all times. The network in an industrial building can be quite extensive and complicated.

The expert plumbers at Atre Drain and Plumbing are equipped to service, maintain, update, and install any part of your industrial plumbing system. Our company is built on customer satisfaction; helping our company maintain a solid reputation among our industrial and commercial clients.

Repair/Replace/Install Plumbing Fixtures​

Atre Drain and Plumbing experts will improve your home’s plumbing system, plus beautify your kitchen and bath. Whether it’s simply replacing a faucet or doing a kitchen and bath plumbing fixture makeover, we’ll make your home a lovely place to live. Toilets, disposals, dishwashers, showers, baths, basins, laundrys – everything and the kitchen sink.

We install hundreds of plumbing fixtures every year. You can rely on our experience, and the products we install, to provide long-lasting, trouble-free plumbing service and value.

​Water Piping Repair & Installation

Water lines can crack or deteriorate from a variety of unavoidable environmental conditions, and most people don’t realize that maintenance of the water line, which runs from your house to the street, is the homeowner’s responsibility.

Fortunately, a rapid response can prevent thousands of dollars worth of damage to your property and hazardous backflow.

A burst pipe either in a residential home, office, factory, warehouse or in a driveway can be a devastating experience. From a small leak to a major burst pipe the consequential damage that is caused can be costly.

At Atre Drain and Plumbing, we specialize in and frequently perform waterline repairs and replacements, so you can rest assured that your waterline will be service by experienced professionals.

So whether you suspect you have a problem with your waterline or want to run a routine inspection, we have the expertise and knowledge to get the job done in a thorough, timely and cost-effective manner.