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Wet basements and water damage are serious problems in both new and old homes. A recurring wet basement can cause a multitude of home damage issues such as wet carpet, mold and mildew, and rotten wood in the sub-flooring. The best approach for wet basements is to have a home inspection to determine options to solve the water problems.

Wet basements present more than just a nuisance to the homeowner. There are different methods used to repair this. However, you will need to concentrate more on preventing that water from entering in the first place rather than just sealing cracks. This water will not go away on its own.

ATRE Drain and Plumbing can stop your wet basement problem. If you are looking for a lasting solution that protects your home from a leaky basement, contact us today for your free home inspection. We have been able to take the best concepts used in conventional waterproofing technology and combine these with the most innovative water management systems and encapsulation methods in order to provide the industry’s most effective system.

We offer the highest standards in exterior and interior waterproofing, excellent customer service and reasonable prices. Our trained team of technicians installs high-quality finishes and drainage components that drastically reduce water seepage and moisture accumulation within crawlspaces and basements. In the context of drying things out and keeping them that way, we offer a truly full range of permanent solutions. These include sump pumps and similar water discharging implements that divert excess water away from your substructure and basement area with safety and highest efficiency.

ATRE Drain and Plumbing provide a 30-year full service warranty. It protects your investment for 30 years, it is included in the price of the service and is transferable from owner to owner. That means if you sell your property, the warranty is transferable to the new buyer: you get that in writing.

Waterproofing Service Areas

Our technicians serve Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill etc.