Waterproofing and Basement Lowering / Underpinning

PROTECT your investment, add VALUE to your home

Waterproofing services for Toronto, Mississauga and surroundings.

Wet basement and leaky basement are the two most common complaints our customers have. Water in the wrong place can cause structural damage and health issues. The wise homeowner will take the time needed to investigate the causes, so they will understand that not all methods offer a lasting solution. It is much better to learn this before you waste any money on any temporary “fixes”. A dry basement will protect the investment you made in your home as well as allow you to use the space for storage or as additional living space.

Having a waterproofing system and /or a proper sump pump installed are options for keeping a wet lower level dry. A knowledgeable waterproofing expert, like ATRE Drain and Plumbing, will be able to help you determine the right solution for your home.

With vast experience in waterproofing basements, ATRE Drain and Plumbing offers solutions for solving your basement problems, not just a quick “fix”. When you schedule one of our qualified consultants to come and give a free inspection of your home, they will be able to teach you about water issues, specifically how they are affecting your home, and which solution will work best for you.

ATRE Drain and Plumbing provide a 30-year full service warranty. It protects your investment for 30 years, it is included in the price of the service and is transferable from owner to owner. That means if you sell your property, the warranty is transferable to the new buyer: you get that in writing.


Basement Lowering / Underpinning

The underpinning system is used for one main reason to create extra living space. This system will allow you to increase the overall height of your basement and the square footage. Most home owners choose to go this route because it gives them the options to use their basement as a rental property which in return will give them a source of income, or to gain a fully finished basement.

ATRE Drain and Plumbing can lower your existing basement to provide you with valuable living space. Depending on your specific needs, you may need either foundation bench footing (bench-ledging), or basement underpinning. Both methods will allow you to lower your basement in preparation for renovations or to improve structural stability for weak foundations.

Underpinning allows you to maximize the potential space of the finished basement, since new concrete walls are poured beneath the existing foundations. This is contrary to foundation benching where new concrete ledges extend the basement depth away from the current foundations, causing a loss in overall space.

There are many factors to consider when lowering a basement, many precautions to take, and a number of skilled trades necessary to complete the job safely and correctly. We handle all aspects of the operation from the first consultation, to the final inspection; giving you piece of mind throughout the entire renovation. Call the experts at ATRE Drain and Plumbing to find out more about the different options for lowering your basement.