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Atre Drain and Plumbing services are available for Emergency, all day, anytime...

We are the most reliable company to call for emergency plumbing repairs in your home or office. You can choose a professional emergency plumber from our team of plumbers to handle issues like a clogged toilet that is not flowing properly. Our emergency plumbers will treat burst pipes, which can be disastrous if not handled urgently. Over 100 gallons of water can be released in 8 hours from a burst pipe depending on the size; within a short while, we can help you to fix leaking pipes by using water-resistant tapes, wrench, and the likes. Leakage can lead to water contamination, which can result in waterborne disease or irritation.

Also, we believe you are aware that sump pump malfunctioning and water heater failure are part of emergency plumbing repairs. We are poised to help you solve any of these if the need arises. In case you never knew, please know that your sump pump is malfunctioning when it is no longer sending water away immediately after it is released.

It will also experience thermal overload while a malfunctioning water heater exhibits signs like water not getting hot or cold, offensive odour around where it is located, and most times change in colour. 

The solution is you need a round peg in a round hole. You need to solve these issues professionally at an affordable cost; that is where we come in.

Call us at 647-977-9662 to get professional help immediately when plumbing or drain emergency occurs.

Imagine having someone you can call anytime you have an emergency plumbing or drain issues at home or working place. We are sure that will save you some minutes, especially during an emergency, will it not?

We are always a call away. Our emergency line is available all day, anytime, to assist you in plumbing issues or drain/sewer cleaning.

We will help you in emergency home or commercial plumbing repairs, drain cleaning/repairs, burst pipe solutions, sump pump malfunctioning, water heater failure, basement flooding and washroom service (clogged sink, toilet, urinal unblocking). 

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