Drain Camera Inspection

Drain Camera Inspection cover

What is it?

Drain Camera Inspection is essential to diagnose whether your sewers and pipes require a cleaning or repair service or not. In order to carry out this procedure, an expert has to use specialized cameras to get inside the pumping and drainage system and inspect them for safety and efficiency. This service is effective to diagnose your systems for clogged drains and improper venting. At Atre Drain and Plumbing, we employ specialized cameras to provide our customers with quality diagnostic and repairmen services.  


Why use it?

Among other advantages of using cameras to inspect for plumbing issues, the one that stands out is that this inspection method can save our clients’ money considerably. After figuring out where the issue is located, an expert technician will know exactly where to dig and what repair material they require before starting the entire process. This type of diagnostics bears great potential when it comes to pointing out issues due to corrosion, blockage, tree roots impact or the cracks presence in the piping system.


From a safety standpoint, the “health” of your drainage system is crucial as it is one of the essential systems of any building complex. As the pipes are usually hardly visible as they are hidden behind the walls, it is quite natural that possible malfunctioning of the pipes will go unnoticed. Additionally, it is quite usual that people are not able to notice them immediately. Nevertheless, the consequences of potential system damages can be quite severe and may include water contamination and leakage and may easily result in major health hazards. Therefore, one of the safest and most effective ways to take care of your drainage and plumbing systems is to diagnose their condition using the specialized drain cameras and to conduct such inspections periodically.


How is it done?

Frankly speaking, this is quite a straightforward and simple process. We drive the camera into the pipe system to record footages and take images of everything that happens inside it. Further on, our expert technician analyzes them for potential dangers such as blockages, leakages and other possible issues. Customarily, technicians allocate the plumbing lines and the access points, which they will further use to put the camera into the pipes.


After retrieving the images and camera footage, our expert will review and analyze them for potential dangers by viewing it on the screen, which is connected to the camera through the cable. It is recommended that you should be present during the whole procedure so that you can witness potential problems on the screen yourself and that our expert can clarify to you how they should be addressed and resolved. Our expert technician will be looking for potential obstructions and damages to the system and locate the initial spot of their emergence.


When do you require a drain camera inspection?

You need to conduct a drain camera inspection regularly in order to prevent potential issues in time. Especially, you need to pay extra heed when you move into a new house, or when you experience a fluctuating or decreasing water pressure and when you drain water is not moving. These are the times when we recommend that you pay extra attention to the condition of your drainage and sewers.


Other frequent questions:


How long does the process take?

It should not take long for an expert technician and it will depend on how quickly he can locate the access point. Therefore, it is advisable that you know it’s location yourself and are able to point to it.


Should I be present during the procedure?

Frankly, it is advisable that you are present at the procedure as our professional can explain to you about the entire situation and recommend possible solutions. You can also use this time to address him relevant questions and receive thorough answers and suggestions.


What else should I be aware of during the meeting with an expert from Atre Drain and Plumbing?

You may help them by providing with a map, outlining the drainage of your plumbing system as this will help them to find the access point as this will save both you and your assisting inspector much time.


Will the footage need further expert analysis?

Usually, after the procedure has been completed, the footage will be further examined by our Master technician. He will provide suggestions as to what steps should be taken to rectify the problems. Atre Drain and Plumbing is a certified inspection company and will therefore ensure that your needs are met swiftly and all suggestions for further work are provided straight away.


What are the benefits of Drain Camera Inspection?

As it has been mentioned already, this is a budget procedure as it employs no construction work prior to identifying potential threats to the pumping and drainage systems. You can rest assured that your house or your backyard won’t be plundered before our local experts have conducted their thorough inspection and analysis of the pipes’ present condition. Additionally, our technicians will provide informed suggestions on how to deal with any problems if they have been discovered during the inspection. Before you turn to the professional who will take care of the repairs you can understand and see the state your system is in now and what further steps you should to take in order to assure it functions in it’s prime condition. Lastly, this process is quick, safe and it will provide you with a thorough analysis of your sewers and pipes stance.  


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