Drain and Sewer Installations

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​Whenever you get any kind of plumbing component installed, you should always use the services of a professional plumber. Not only will your project get done faster, but their years of experience and training will help ensure that the project gets done correctly.

Few people realize the wear and tear that pipes, drains and sewer lines face on a daily basis. We use our plumbing systems almost constantly. Whether it’s washing dishes, doing laundry, or taking showers, flushing the toilet and more, your plumbing system is responsible for delivering and then disposing of all that water and waste. If your drains or sewer lines are connected or installed properly, it can cause small problems that, over time, can cost you a lot of money. It may also cause a huge issue all at once like a broken pipe flooding a basement.

What Is the Difference Between a Drain and a Sewer?

The drains are the pipes that are connected to all of your appliances and fixtures. Many of your home’s appliances have drains. Your refrigerator, dishwasher, laundry machine and sinks—just to name a few — all have drains. Even certain furnaces have drains. All of those drains are very different from each other depending upon the appliance they’re connected to and the type of waste water they carry. So the drains in your home are connected directly to the appliance or fixture to carry away water and waste.

Drain Installation

As we mentioned above, there are many different types of drains in your home. They carry water almost constantly throughout the day. That’s why you want to make sure that they are installed by a professional. ATRE Drain and Plumbing provides comprehensive drain installation in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville and surroundings. Each drain in your home needs to be sized correctly and then also connected properly to the fixture or appliance. At ATRE Drain and Plumbing, we only hire highly trained and experienced plumbers. We want to know that every job we do is being completed by someone who is an expert in our field. If you need any kind of drain installation in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville and surrounded areas, call your local plumbers at ATRE Drain and Plumbing.

Sewer Installation

When it comes time for you to get a new sewer line installed, make sure you call local technicians at ATRE Drain and Plumbing. This type of project should always be done by a professional plumber with experience and training. The benefits from professional sewer installation are many. Replacing sewer lines can be expensive, time consuming and inconvenient. Making sure your new sewer line is installed correctly is critical because it can potentially increase the life of your sewer line so that you don’t have to dig it up for a very long time. Contact our local plumbers at ATRE Drain and Plumbing today to learn more about sewer installation services that we offer.

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