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Most people don’t realize it, but their drain and sewer system is one of the most important components in their home. When your sewer or drain lines fail, fast, efficient and cost-effective response is necessary. These are conditions where experience really counts because each minute a solution is delayed worsens the problem.

That’s why Atre Drain and Plumbing pays so much attention to the quality of our workmanship when it comes to your home’s drain and sewer system. We provide comprehensive drain and sewer systems in Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto and surrounding areas. No matter what kind of problem you’re having, whether it’s a cracked drain pipe or a clogged sewer line, our professional plumbers can fix it.

We also offer new sewer line installation and replacement services for our customers in Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto and surrounding areas. We use some of the most advanced technology available to inspect your drains and sewer system for leaks, cracks or dents. Call your local plumbers at Atre Drain and Plumbing today!

Sewer and Drain Repair

Atre Drain and Plumbing offers fast and reliable drain and sewer repair services throughout Oakville, Mississauga and Toronto Area. Whether it’s from old age, cracks, leaks, roots or other causes, eventually your drain and sewer system will need to be repaired. When you start to notice that your plumbing system isn’t working right, you should call your local plumbers at Atre Drain and Plumbing.

In the past plumbers used the best material available at the time to satisfy cost and durability requirements. Unfortunately other factors can create the need for repair or replacement of those sewer and drain lines. Your local plumbers at Atre Drain and Plumbing can define and locate the problem and provide a solution for your needs with a variety of options.

Sewer and Drain Repair: Atre can pinpoint the location of the problem which allows us to precisely excavate and repair the problem.

Replace old line: We can replace your line when required by various means such as Trenchless, hand excavate, or trenching providing the most economic and satisfying method for you.

Re-route sewer line: In some circumstances repair or replacement of an existing line is not structurally or economically reasonable. Atre Drain and Plumbing can design a reroute of the line to possibly eliminate undo cost or damage to your property.

Tree Roots removing

Tree roots can grow into your water line or sewer pipes and clog them terribly. That’s because the roots are searching for water and nutrients. Large, mature trees may have thousands of feet of roots searching for water…and may just breech your underground water pipes.

Trees and shrubs seeking water often follow the trail of moisture escaping from small cracks, holes, or poorly sealed joints in water lines. The roots then penetrate the openings to reach the moisture inside the pipes running around your home. Once inside, the tree roots can completely fill up and clog your water line and sewer pipes with multiple hair-like root masses that cannot be cleared away with store bought drain cleaners.

More than a complete blockage of the pipe, you may risk the pipe breaking if the roots are not removed by a professional local drain & plumbing company such as Atre Drain and Plumbing. This can cause serious damage to your plumbing system, property…and bank account.

At Atre Drain and Plumbing our experts can take care of your root problem and repair your water line and sewer pipes with precision and ease. From clearing blocked pipes to providing extensive tree root removal, drain clearing, sewer clearing, and pipe repairs, the technicians at Atre Drain and Plumbing are available to take care of your tree root problems. 

Main drain lines (branches) / sewer installations

Whenever you get any kind of plumbing component installed, you should always use the services of a professional plumber. Not only will your project get done faster, but their years of experience and training will help ensure that the project gets done correctly. Many of the drain and sewer repairs that we perform in Oakville, Mississauga and GTA are the direct result of bad installation job.

Few people realize the wear and tear that pipes, drains and sewer lines face on a daily basis. We use our plumbing systems almost constantly. Whether it’s washing dishes, doing laundry, or taking showers, flushing the toilet and more, your plumbing system is responsible for delivering and then disposing of all that water and waste. If your drains or sewer lines are connected or installed properly, it can cause small problems that, over time, can cost you a lot of money. It may also cause a huge issue all at once like a broken pipe flooding a basement. 

Clogged pipe cleaning

A stopped up drain line can change all of your plans without warning. Atre Drain and Plumbing understands the since of urgency associated with drain stoppages and will provide the best solution for your drain problem. We have the equipment and training to tackle all your drain cleaning needs.

If you’re having trouble with the drains in your house, it could be because of a serious blockage or crack in your drain system. Atre Drain and Plumbing can remove that blockage using water jet technology and video camera inspection. We can also replace your drain entirely. When your sewer line needs to be replaced, make sure you call Atre Drain and Plumbing as well. We can use trenchless techniques to replace your sewer line or install a new one for you.

Having your drains cleaned regularly is a great way to make sure that they don’t suddenly stop working one day. Give us a call today to learn more about our drain cleaning services.

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